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Permanent Jobs

If your company is searching for new, full-time workers you have come to the right place.

We specialise in the supply of suitably skilled workers, regardless of locational constraints. As manpower shortages continue to hinder the growth and prosperity of businesses around the world, our team of experts have become efficient at widening recruitment nets. The aim, as always, is to source the most suitable manpower.
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 Temporary Jobs

We specialize in the supply of pre-screened temporary workers, be that skilled or unskilled. Many companies require pre-screened temporary workers, the main reason is often to complete project related tasks. The main problem is finding a reliable manpower support agency. Wingspans Agency have years’ experience in sourcing skilled and unskilled labour. Our track record is second to none.
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 Expat hiring solutions

Our expat hiring solutions are not restricted to a particular sector or trade discipline, whatever the need, we are on-hand to deliver.

Wingspans Agency global footprint continues to expand, we are now effectively placing skilled and unskilled workers into all the major regions of the world. Our clients put their trust in our capable hands because they are assured of a first-class service, one that delivers on every level.